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QMAC Systems

QMAC Systems provides support for the development and improvement of quality systems, market access systems, general systems approaches, compliance and Lean transformation.

The principal of QMAC Systems Ltd is Hans Doevendans, a retired Royal Netherlands Air Force Squadron Commander who immigrated to New Zealand a number of years ago.

Although predominantly working in the NZ pipfruit industry, activities include support for other industries.

QMAC Systems does not advertise in order to avoid unnecessary wasteful activities.


Academic Background

measuring-business-excellence-225x300Hans has a number of military and academic qualifications (Royal Military Academy, Bachelor Social Sciences, Diploma Business

Studies, Masters in Quality Systems and a PhD).

Academic work in quality systems and Lean has led to presentations in recent years at international conferences at universities of Cambridge (UK), Palermo (Italy), Aarhuis (Denmark) and Auckland (both Auckland and Massey).

He has published recently in the ‘Measuring Business Excellence Journal’ and has published an extensive range of short articles for the New Zealand pipfruit industry.

Activities & Experience

hans-doevendans-presentation-300x225Activities are generally restricted to the practitioner level of operations as the operational level is the engine of most operations.

QMAC Systems contributes to business flow where required, using specialist knowledge of people, business processes and Lean.

These activities include annual reviews and updates of systems, updates to new standards or requirements and training/coaching of staff.

Service is usually custom-designed to customer requirement.

Hans has ten years’ experience in the building industry and has worked predominantly in the NZ apple and pear industry for the past 15 years, both at the operational level and in the quality and market access area.

His recent activities include business improvement with a focus on people and processes.


Customers range in location from Auckland to Central Otago but are mostly based in Hawke’s Bay.

Some customers have used QMAC Systems to generate a system and then maintained the system themselves.

Some customers use QMAC Systems to solve acute problems.

A small core of customers uses QMAC Systems to develop and maintain systems.

QMAC Systems delivers annual training courses for an industry body since 2008. Customers include organisations involved in transport, distribution, warehousing, software, biosecurity treatments, training, product development and apples and pears.

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